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Divorce and Family Law

Our goal is to resolve the issues at hand to our client’s satisfaction and avoid extensive and costly litigation. If you are considering marriage, separation or divorce, Thompson & Walters, P.C. represents men and women in:

  • Divorce with no minor children
  • Divorce with minor children
  • High Asset/Complex Divorce
  • Prenuptial Agreement (a Prenup)
  • Mediations/Mediator
  • Legal Separation
  • Modification of child custody
  • Legitimation
    • Divorce with no minor children and/or uncontested divorce: Do not consider representing yourself in divorce in order to save money until you have first talked to an attorney. If you do not have minor children and you and your spouse know how you want to divide your property, we can economically complete and file the paperwork and secure a divorce.
    • Divorce with minor children: Our team can help you negotiate the terms of your divorce, including division of property, alimony and child support, custody and visitation. We are experienced with the recent changes to Georgia law regarding alimony and child support calculations.
    • Prenuptial Agreement: If you are getting married and have assets you wish to protect or if you are being asked to sign a “prenup”, please see an attorney. We can draft an agreement that is respectful to your future spouse, while still looking out for your interests once you are married.
    • Mediations/Mediator: Douglas R. Thompson and Katie L. Walters can represent you in any mediation or serve as a neutral mediator.
    • Legal Separation: If you or your spouse have moved out, but you are not ready for divorce, our attorneys can help you understand the legal implications of such a move and help protect your interests.
    • Modification of Child Custody and/or Alimony and Contempt: If you are divorced and you or your ex-spouse’s situation has changed, we can assist you with your modification to assure that you are receiving the appropriate amount of support or, if you are paying support, to make sure you are not overpaying. If your ex-spouse is not adhering to the terms of your divorce, we can bring legal action to have the court enforce the terms.
    • Legitimation: If you are the biological father of a child, we can help you legally legitimate your child for you as a legal parent.


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